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* In TED performance we see how interfaces would be used to interpret
electronic music, unfortunately the player doesn't seem to have a lot of
culture in electronic music, but maybe someone else with a lot more
experience and knowledge would show a performance like great improvisators
we know, I'd love to see how squarepusher would play with this ^^*
Very well said!

I think a lot of interesting points have been made in this discussion. It's
complicated to critique creative expression/ music/ performance without
seeming to be elitist and cruel, but without this discourse we would not be
able to differentiate between true ingenuity and derivative mediocrity.

Mainstream platforms for "innovation" like TED invariably showcase "thinly"
not "deeply" because they are all about wow-factor and soundbites, speaking
to the most general of audiences. We could look at TED as a kind of media
"iceberg". The ideas showcased may often be interesting but the substance of
their presentation is often lacking, like the proverbial tip of the iceberg.
So we should use these iceberg tips as a jumping off points to look deeper
into the idea presented with our own research. Then we may (hopefully) find
more interesting applications of similar ideas, for e.g. as in this case:
gestural sound control.
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