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Marco Donnarumma devel at thesaddj.com
Tue Jun 21 13:45:51 CEST 2011

> What I have seen on your videos is very good and interesting but has
> absolutely nothing to do with jazz - obviously!

Obviously not, I believe the two thing to be not even comparable because
deeply different in terms of creative outcome and perspective.

> When playing jazz


In case you are
> playing with other people (which is not the case in this particular
> performance) you need to be able to react to other musicians by picking up
> melodic / rhythmical  lines and elaborate on them in the context of the
> changes of the harmonic structure and build melodies on the fly that make
> musical, expressive and emotional sense.
> This cannot be achieved by triggering patterns!

Thanks Ingo. If that's what he's doing it's a real pity the half of us
couldn't get it!
I imagine that such interface could have been demonstrated more properly
with a trio?

In that case the accuracy of each note, etc.. could possibly be more
Afaik, you were the only one who previously knew Ashanty work, and the only
one who knew what was going on during the performance.

> You're interface might be able to produce great soundscapes but it cannot
> get deep enough into the musical microcosms to shape each individual note
> within a melodic line where every single note may be only 100 ms long.

Sure. That's because I'm not interested in it, although it could be great.
Now you make me wanna try :P

> [snip]

This is why people like
> Onyx build alternatives. I am experimenting myself with a custom wind
> controller that could overcome some of the problems that I am having with
> them.
Good to know, I never played around with a wind controller... sounds fun.


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