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Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Tue Jun 21 13:47:51 CEST 2011


I really appreciate you chiming in here! I just happened to read your blog
after I wrote what I've described to the pd-list what you are doing with
your controller. Luckily I was 100% right.

I have been thinking about a controller very similar to your's since several
years. I know exactly what's going on in your mind. I have already built a
sound module which is optimized for wind controllers and I do not see any
reason for wind controllers to look like a sax or clarinet. There are many
limitations with EWIs and WX5s. It was about time somebody went other ways.

And I have to say once more that I really appreciate and like your live
playing / looping.


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> I figured that I would chime in at this point.
> Every single note you hear, is being played, as in one at a time, as a
> horn player does, into a looper which I use to layer everything very
> quickly into an arrangement then deconstruct and reconstruct on a
> musically relevant trajectory. There was nothing pre recorded or
> preconceived. Simply a controller, a database of synthesizers and a looper
> with effects. I am playing every single solitary note. If that sounds like
> it is hard to do, you're right.
> As for not seeing how pd is used in this project,  The controller is
> merely 3 arduinos, running hans wonderful firmata/pduino software,
> connected wirelessly to puredata where I created the wind controller
> software and gestural systems. Without pd there is no system.  It's all
> documented from day one on my blog. No parodies involved.
> I would like an elaboration on how the system is "clunky" if you don't
> mind. First off, I feel that it is pretty streamlined for a first
> prototype made of cardboard that is only 3 months old. Two wireless hand
> units and a mouth unit. If you have suggestions as to how I might improve
> it at this stage, before my next stage or dev, I would love to hear it.
> @marco, how would you make this concept more "beautiful" or "efficient"? I
> am always a willing student in these regards. Do you have any examples of
> said efficiency? Being an instructor, I would have expected that you would
> have seen the blog link on the Ted profile and researched your position
> before simply asserting that my concept has no value.
> @Tyler. You are correct in that I don't care about making it rain granular
> algorithms (yet), I want to be able to express myself for fully using
> tools available to me. Hans and others were nice enough to help me with
> advice and code and it just happened that some people (Ted) other than my
> immediate fans found it interesting. Even now, I still busk, but this
> opportunity makes it a bit easier to realize some of these larger goals.
> The phone is used as a headup display for making sure all my sensors are
> doing what they are supposed to do.
> @richie. I have been a pro in electronic music for 15 years. Google it.
> One thing that I and other alternative controller artists are realizing is
> that we must be in the audience. Otherwise people can not see that you are
> actually playing. That is why when I play clubs I play from the dance
> floor and currently monitor with the club sound system which is hard but
> allows a flow of ideas that doesn't come from separating ones self from
> the audience. And from there people can see your fingers and gestures
> carve the sound.
> This form of performance blends my desire to connect with my space my
> music and my movements as intimately but, it should be noted as well, this
> is a 3 month old prototype so that people are discussing it and I have
> even moved from beta stage yet, is encouraging.
> If you would like to hear what is possible with this concept, go to
> www.onyxashanti.bandcamp.com/album/onyx-Ashanti-full-promotional-package-
> download-2 Or feel free to ask me.
> Www.beatjazz.blogspot.com

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