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IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
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On 2011-06-22 11:38, Jaime Oliver wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> In Fedora 11, Pd 0.42 and GEM ver: 0.92.2,
> I am trying to re-compile GEM with gmerlin.

> I can see gmerlin (and quicktime for that matter) in usr/local/lib,
> but gem doesn't see them even when I point it there with:
> --libdir=/usr/local/lib

"--libdir" defines where to install libraries to, not where to look for
them (alternatively it might as well be ignored)

> --with-gmerlin_avdec-libs=/usr/local/lib/

that's usually not needed, as /usr/local/lib is searched by default.

> and the like...
> any suggestions?

well, this:
> use gmerlin          : no

is merely a summary at the end of the test; if it fails and should not,
then you might want to look at the actual output of tests (somewhere in
the middle of configure's output), and if this doesn't give you any
clues, inspect the generated config.log

anyhow, the following makes me a bit suspicious:
> I have succesfully compiled and installed gmerlin

gmerlin is a media-player;
the video-decoding code is a separate library called "gmerlin-avdecoder"
(which gmerlin can optionally use)
despite the common mentioning of "gmerlin backend for Gem", the
video-decoding backend in question is really "gmerlin-avdecoder".

so you might simply have installed the wrong thing, and therefore Gem
cannot see it.


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