[PD] Pd performance at TED

martin brinkmann mnb at martin-brinkmann.de
Wed Jun 22 16:14:11 CEST 2011

On 06/21/2011 08:05 AM, Ingo wrote:

> All lines are played live. There is no pre-recorded drum loop. He is using
> audio looping only. The drums are played note by note.

you are right, and after having watched the video another time,
i agree to your observations. (and meanwhile it has been 'officially
confirmed' anyway)

> Well, I really don't know why there is a reason fort he audience to know
> what is going on. 

at least i want to know, and i think i am not alone...

> Does the audience have
> to know how a piano was built in order to appreciate and enjoy piano music?

no, but people know what a piano or a violin is, and at least have a
rough idea of how it is played, so that 'understanding what is going
on' is usuallay not an issue. this is different with electronic music.
i think this article by robert henke


explains the problems we have with life performance/electronic music
quite well.

bis denn!

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