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Fri Jun 24 10:08:34 CEST 2011

Dope to see you here! I have just started reading the free intro of your book, "Designing sound". Great read so far! Hope to get the book soon!

>> I have to practice a few hours everyday with my hands in various dificult
>> positions, but i think that the stationary horn-stance habit started waning
>> after about a week and a half
> Cos of tiring arms?  I discovered similar watching students using
> the Kinetic with osceleton. If your "home position" is too ambitious
> it become more like stress position torture to maintain it. The shoulders
> get tired first, then (especially with too much weight at the hands
> if you are holding a controller too) the ulners go numb.
Mostly it it just training right now. In performance I don't get tired(although I sweat like I'm made of water) but I'm not doing that much yet. I want to create a parallel movement narrative that is subconscious and I don't want to get to comfortable in one position, WHILE also abstracting position data to control parameters. It's one part slight of hand because accelerometers don't need such sweeping movements and one part story telling. 

>> every performance i do is complete improv. before a show, i 
>> only practice scales, gestures and rhythm excercises. 
>> The TED performance was comptely improv.  in fact, it was 
>> supposed to be drum and bass, then half way thru i 
>> changed my mind.
> Jolly good. I am somewhat surprised. But how much musical 
> flexibility would you say there was? You must start with
> a constrained set of sounds/synths. Can you scroll through
> different banks of prepared material using the "HUD" (I didn't
> really understand how that works to be honest)
> Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Good to have you jump in
> and enlighten us on the performance.
The HUD is only there for two reasons. So that I know my sensors work, and to look cool. 

What I have done is create a table based preset switching system that allows me to latch with a joystick position and jump directly to one of (currently) 4 variations per element. Elements being distinct sound types (drums, bass, keys, leads, etc) each variation has multiple variations as well, accessible by hand position and latched by joystick position. It sounds harder than it is. In fact i am two jumps  from one sound to any other sound in my system. The next update will have 12 variations per element but I will need more ram for that. 

I just confirmed that I wi be in wiemar to present the system at the pd con. I don't know the day or time yet though. I would love to get a chance to talk with you as interactive game sound will factor heavily soon. 



> cheers,
> a.
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> Andy Farnell <padawan12 at obiwannabe.co.uk>

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