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Oli44 olivier at heinry.fr
Fri Jun 24 13:46:39 CEST 2011

Le 24/06/2011 03:00, Martin Peach a écrit :
> On 2011-06-23 13:36, Oli44 wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We've been using a patch with tcpclient to connect to a Lanbox for over
>> a year of time, without any hassle.
>> Today, we started having the following error message :
>> tcpclient_send_byte: could not send data which has never appeared on the
>> mailing-list archive.
> So you can connect to a remote machine and can send and receive but
> after a while this happens?

yes! and a pretty short one.

My workaround at the moment is to disconnect/ reconnect automatically
every 2 seconds.

>> I tried slowing down the send rate of data, but it doesnt seem to change
>> anything.
>> Nothing in our setup has changed , a MAcbook pro running osx 10.6 as a
>> client as well as a linux box running ubuntu 10.04, Linksys WRT54GL and
>> a Lanbox.
> That's a wireless router. Are you using wifi? If so and you can't send
> over the network (never or after a few sucesses?)it's probably
> something to do with the wifi connection. You may be able to change
> the channel to a less congested one.
This wifi G network is used only to connect to the lanbox, and using a
wired connection doesnt change anything.

> Martin



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