[PD] Pd "monosymphonia"

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That was one thing I wasn't sure about, although it does help with the kind of 'passive listening' part, something like Cage or Glass, where there is a huge amount of repetition and the value of the piece is discovered over time, almost as a meditative process. It's not for everyone, but it does lend itself to computer music

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> >This is probably because I created it on the mac, there may be a syntax
> >issue with other operating systems...
> [cut]
> 'it's just in the name'
> i copied the patch from the text attachment and gave it just a name.
> but it does a SEND to itself called buildGen, alas..
> so it worked.
> i find the concept interesting,
> this specific soundscape less.
> i guess because for hearing the development the waiting for the 'new'
> part gets everytime longer, while being obliged to sit through the 'old'
> parts again and again and again.
> rolf
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