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Thu Jun 30 16:31:28 CEST 2011

"You shouldn't dynamically create abstractions while dsp is running, as it slows down significantly."

"If dsp is on, and you dynamically create 10 objects in one go (in zero
logical time), then the dsp graph will be re-calculated 10 times.
If you turn dsp off, then dynamically create 10 objects as before, then
no dsp graph will be evaluated until you turn dsp on again, summing up
to exactly 1 time.
Furthermore, it guarantees that the entire DSP graph is calculated and
not only parts of it (because of buggy implementations)"

Thanks a lot for those explanations. It's clear enough to see why choose these method even if internal processes in the DSP graph are still incomprehensibles.

- DSP 0/1 method - Some questions

--- With one audio abstraction.
If we create just one audio abstraction at one time. Is it still the best solution or is it the same than other methods ?

--- Audio clics.

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