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Thu Jun 30 16:31:28 CEST 2011

A tutorial by mike dixon:

Both are iphone-oriented, but they contain very useful informations on how
to start. Other resources:

Some example scenes (very good base to learn):

Rjlib, a collection of useful abstractions to build your scenes, and the
abstractions you need to run a scene in pure data on a pc:

Pd everywhere, on noisegroups. Here are some interesting discussions about
this topic, like the following one:

I just started to deal with this stuff, and i have still many doubts and
difficulties. For example, i still couldn't understand how to download
scenes from the rjdj website on my android phone, it seems you just can do
this with an iphone. I hope anyone reading this thread has some useful hints


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<div class=3D"gmail_quote">2011/8/29 Pierre Massat <span dir=3D"ltr">&lt;<a=
 href=3D"mailto:pimassat at">pimassat at</a>&gt;</span><br><b=
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I plan on buying my very first smartphone in the next few days. I want a ph=
one running Android since it appears to be the best platform to run Pd. I m=
 just not quite sure about the way Pd can be used with a smartphone<br>
</blockquote><div><br>There&#39;s Rjdj, which basically runs pd patches wit=
hout gui (calling them=20
&quot;scenes&quot;) giving you the possibility to use the smartphone&#39;s =
 and accelerometer as controllers for the patches. So, you still need your =
pc to edit patches, but you can &quot;use&quot; them on the phone. Rjdj is =
for iphone,=20
but you can download an rjdj scene player for android devices here:<br>
<br><a href=3D"
r here:<br><br>
<a href=3D"">http://autobuild.pu=</a><br>
<br>At the second link you will also find an archive with some rjdj &quot;s=
cenes&quot; and Pd Test,=20
it should be something similar to scene player but honestly I couldn&#39;t=
understand how to use it, i can just test sound (maybe it&#39;s intended=20
just for that?). Here are some resources on how to build pd-patches for=20


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