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Peter Brinkmann peter.brinkmann at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 29 21:38:14 CEST 2011

>  Here's the problem that it is supposed to solve:  You want to translate a
>> heterogeneous list of objects in Java into an array of type t_atom in C.
>> That's all.
> Btw, did you look at Pascal Gauthier's library ?

Yes, but I think it solves a different problem.  In particular, I don't want
to mirror t_atom on the Java side.

> and also, I just read your libpd_read_array and libpd_write_array
> functions. They don't work in 64-bit mode, in which sizeof(t_word) !=
> sizeof(t_float).

Yikes, good point.  I'll look into it.
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