[PD] Appending two signals together to create a third

tim vets timvets at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 12:32:57 CEST 2011

Hi Rick,
Here's an improvised solution using [expr~] to read from two tables

2011/9/1 Rick T <ratulloch at gmail.com>

> Greetings All
> I have two signals Signal B and Signal C that I would like to append, which
> would create a joined signal called Signal D.  I can create Signal B and
> Signal C but the questions I have is:
> I created a image that may help explain it better
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6576402/questions/flowchart_joined2.jpg
> 1) How do I append one signal onto the end of another. (see image labelled
> 2)
> 2) How can I vary Signal D's Frequency, Amplitude, and Phase? (See image
> labelled 3)
> I was thinking of putting a Signal B and Signal C into 1 second buffer that
> creates Signal D but does anyone know how to do this and if this would even
> work?
> Is PureData the program for this or is there another one that might be
> better suited for my task
> For more background I'm going to have the Frequency, Amplitude, and Phase
> controlled by Midi Controllers.  So there will be a total of 9 midi
> controllers used (3 for each signal).
> Aloha
> Rick
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