[PD] Pd on Android

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Mon Sep 5 10:05:15 CEST 2011

Hi Pierre,

> Hi Chris, I tried PdDroidParty on my cousin's phone over the week-end.
> It's
> so easy to install and use it's scary. Thank you for sharing this!

Great stuff, I'm glad it works easily for you. These kind words make me
motivated to get the new release out ASAP! :)

(My Android phone died last night unfortunately but I will try to buy a
new one today as the new release is very close and I might just be able to
fit it into the family budget with some stretching heheheh).

> Now two questions :
> - Do you plan on improving the GUI just a little bit? (I like the rough
> look
> of Pd's native GUI, but i think it'd be nice if we could have a little
> color
> on the sliders, bangs and toggles).

Attached is a screenshot of what I am working on right now. You can theme
the supported widgets with SVGs. E.g. an SVG image for toggle-on and a
different one for toggle-off. You can have different SVGs according to
labels and sendname too. So for example you could have all toggles themed
with one look, and then give one toggle the "send" field of "record"
themed differently with an SVG ("Toggle-record-off.svg") that looks like a
record button.

> - Can i use [shell] in Android in order to delete and create folders, and
> generally manage the tracks i record on the phone?

I have made an abstraction called [loadsave] which wraps openpanel and
savepanel in desktop Pd and lets you have a nice Android style interface
on the device. That gives you a small amount of access to the filesystem,
but not everything you mention. If you use the [menubutton] abstraction
you can put things in the Android menu too. See the other screenshot for

However, your question begs a larger one which is support for a limited
number of externals. It would be cool to support [shell] and also the OSC
externals in PdDroidParty, but it really depends on whether they have used
Hans' Makefile-template which makes compiling for Android trivial. I will
put this on the TODO list to investigate.

In the end I would like to keep the number of externals as small as
possible so that things work on vanilla Pd on the desktop, but if someone
really needs something I am happy to look at putting it in. This is
especially true if you get the PdDroidParty code checked out and do the
work of making an external compile in yourself. :D



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