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Ricardo Cedeño drnn_1076 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 6 09:07:46 CEST 2011

I uploaded a version for internet of my recent work in video Topografias (Topographies). The videos are in Theora format for HTML 5 capable browsers (FF3.5+ or Chrome).

Topografías is a small collection of six short videos in DVD format. In 
the videos I mixed the visual style of topographic drawings with live 
footage; I produced all sound in realtime using oscilloscopes and FM 
synthesis in Pure Data.  All the materials were edited and produced 
using only GNU/GPL software.
        This work explores the hybrid visual territories in moving image through the 
manipulation and mix of long shots with topographic imagery and 
compression artifacts. The hybrid visual character of the output 
prevents making any reference of time, space, and narrative to the 
original material and it centres the attention on its artificial and 
unreal aspect. Documentation in the web site only available in Spanish.

Link to the videos

Any comment and critique will be more than welcome.

Ricardo Cedeño Montaña, M.Sc.

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