[PD] Function generator / Signal Generator expr~ and cycle~

Rick T ratulloch at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 12:28:02 CEST 2011

Greetings All

I'm trying to create a function generator that uses equations (small
equations on this one.) and have the audio played and plotted.
An example of an equation would be the sine wave equation y=a*sin(f*t+p)+v

a=amplitude, f=frequency, t=time, p=phase, v=vertical offset.

I looked up in the example and found cycle~ which said "table-lookup
oscillator or function generator" but not sure where to put the expr~
I would think it would go like this. but of course the syntax must be wrong.

expr~ $f1+sin*(($f2*$f3)+$f4)+$f5

a=$f1=amplitude, f=$f2=frequency, t=$f3=time, p=$f4=phase, v=$f5=vertical

Please note the equations will not just be a simple sinewaves they will have
cos, tan, atan, etc but be no more than 4 lines long.  I also plan on
connecting the $f1,$f2,$f4,$f5 variables to a usb midi controller to vary
the values as the audio signal is played in realtime.

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