[PD] OSC Confusion

Jim Aikin midiguru23 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 8 06:00:31 CEST 2011

I've been using Pd 0.41.4-extended in Windows 7 64-bit. Attempting to 
open up OSCroute-help.pd consistently crashes Pd.

So I do the sensible thing and upgrade to 0.42.5. However, I now see 
messages telling me that sendOSC, dumpOSC, and OSCroute, which 0.41.4 
seemed to have no trouble with, are now deprecated. I'm advised (by the 
messages in the Pd window) to "Consider switching to mrpeach's [routeOSC]."

I'd be happy to do so. But for some reason these objects don't seem to 
be included in 0.42.5-extended. So I go to a page on puredata.info that 
has a link to "Get OSC for all platforms." Sweet -- except, not.

To start with, it appears that I may need to compile the stuff I 
downloaded, as it includes .c files. Not being a Linux person, I don't 
even have a C compiler, nor do I feel inclined to work out how to use one.

The README does not explain whether I need to compile the code, much 
less how I would do it. The readme does, however, tell me that I will 
also need a separate set of objects "that implement the transport 
(OSI-Layer 4), for instance [udpsend]/[udpreceive]." And of course, the 
README doesn't say where I'll find those, or how to install them when 
I've found them. They're not on the puredata.info OSC page, as far as I 
can see.

This leads me to a concatenation of questions.

(1) Does the fact that OSCroute, sendOSC, and dumpOSC are deprecated 
mean that they actually don't work, or do they still work?

(2) Where can I get a version of Pd-extended that includes the new, 
preferred OSC objects?

(3) If there is no such version, how exactly would I go about 
incorporating them in 0.42.5?

(4) What sort of patching will I need to do in order to connect the 
mrpeach objects with the [udp] objects after I've installed them, and 
where is this patching documented?

Sorry to be a pest about this. Right at the moment I'm trying to 
document the usage of OSC to let Pd communicate with Csound. Andres 
Cabrera's very nice tutorial video (on YouTube) uses the old Pd objects. 
I'd like to use the new objects in the tutorial I'm writing, but I can 
hardly do so when I don't understand where the objects are or how to 
install them.

Can anyone clear up the mysteries for me? Thanks!

--Jim Aikin

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