[PD] pdtest - pd functional testing external

Louis-Philippe default at spiralix.org
Wed Sep 14 14:13:46 CEST 2011

> I tried to use this
> on Ubuntu/Maverick 10.10.  It built find, but when I loaded the help
> patch I got:
> /media/share/code/lp/pdtest/pdtest.pd_linux:
> /media/share/code/lp/pdtest/pdtest.pd_linux: undefined symbol: lua_getfield
>  pdtest l s f b
> ... couldn't create

maybe a problem linking with liblua...  I will look more closely at the
build steps for linux when I get some time...

> About the design, is this just meant to test compiled externals, or do
> you see it as testing abstractions too?
> .hc

I believe abstractions could be tested too, pdtest main limitation now is to
only output and understand lists, symbols and floats but no signals.  As a
matter of fact, I don't see clearly how signals could be tested.

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