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stéfan piat stefanpiat at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 12:24:54 CEST 2011

hello marian

thanks for your tip

but if I make the window fullscreen by setting the dimensions of my display,
without using menubar,
the menubar is over the window...
and I have only one monitor... so I can't shift my window to a monitor
without menubar...


2011/9/19 Marian Weger <marian.weger at gmail.com>

> Am 18.09.11 15:20, schrieb stéfan piat:
>> I have a problem to remove the menubar when displaying the gemwin
>> fullscreen on a specific hardware
> try "border 0" and make the window fullscreen by setting the dimensions of
> your display (i.e. "dimen 1280 800").
> Do not use the "fullscreen" and "menubar" messages.
> If you have several monitors connected, shift the window using "offset <x>
> <y>" to the desired monitor.
> This should work on most machines.
> But always set up some hotkey for destroying the gemwin, since you won't
> have access to your destroy button with a fullscreen gemwin.
> I often use the right mouse button for that with [gemmouse]
> marian
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