[PD] Self-promotion: a PD installation last weekend in Cleveland OH

Maurice Rickard maurice at mauricerickard.com
Fri Sep 23 17:58:50 CEST 2011

Last weekend I did an installation as part of Cleveland's Ingenuity
Festival, which took place (mostly) under the Detroit-Superior Bridge.  My
piece (Wave Space) used a PD patch consisting of 32 oscillators,
independently tunable in ratios related to a common base frequency and a
common denominator.

I was given an enclosed space about the size of a small public
restroom--the space probably was a restroom for Cleveland's subway, which
used to run under the bridge until it was shut down in the 1950s.  I
brought in a couple of small powered speakers and did frequency sweeps to
find the resonant frequencies in the room.  It was interesting: with most
of them, once the room started vibrating, it was difficult to trace the
origin of the tones, even listening closely to the speakers.

In practice, I used 16 resonant frequencies, and paired them with other
oscillators with very close values, so they'd modulate--generally for
tremolo or slow fades in and out.   Over the course of an hour, I faded
these oscillator pairs into and out of the system, and also adjusted
modulator values.  Then I left the system in place to play the recording
for the duration of the festival.  You can hear it (free streaming, free
download) here: http://snwv.bandcamp.com/



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