[PD] Help with [pix_multiblob]'s outlet.

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Mon Sep 26 09:20:26 CEST 2011

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On 2011-09-25 16:19, Eduardo Rosario wrote:
> Ain't got no problem getting the list of numbers from the rightmost outlet,
> but don't really understand what each one of those stands for:
> centerX(weighted), centerY(weighted), size(weighted), minX, minY, maxX,
> maxY, area. 

what exactly is it that you don't understand?

the "weighted" elements take the luminance of the blobs and interpret
them as 'mass': this mans, the brighter a pixel in the blob gets, the
more important it is.
"centerX(weighted)" is the X coordinate of the centre of gravity,
"size(weighted)" is he total 'weight' of the blob,

the 'unweighted' elements, are mere 2D geometric properties, "minY" is
the minimum Y coordinate of the blob, and "area" is a (normalized) count
of all pixels covered by a blob.

> I know [pix_multiblob] makes a matrix to get the results, but I
> don't know how does that work neither.

a matrix is a 2D array of N*M elements to store numbers.
N is the number of rows in the array, in our case the number of detected
blobs. M is the number of columns in the array, in our case 8

the iemmatrix library deals with these arrays (if you don't want to
parse the simple message yourself)

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