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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Wed Sep 28 17:16:42 CEST 2011

Le 2011-09-28 à 20:12:00, Simon Wise a écrit :

> Many parts are more widely usable than the GPL allows, but you would 
> need to check the license for that part before doing so ... the only 
> thing that the distribution claims is that its contents are all 
> compatible with GPL3.

I just downloaded Pd 0.42.5-extended binary for Ubuntu 10.10 and clicked 
about Pd. It says :

« Pd is copyrighted but is free for you to use for any reasonable purpose 
under the GNU GPL version 3 . Follow the link for more details about the 
license: »

and then when clicking, it says « Parts of this package can be used under 
Pd’s BSD license » at the top, not saying which part. Clicking on that 
link you get :

« This software is copyrighted by Miller Puckette and others.  The 
following terms (the "Standard Improved BSD License") apply to all files 
associated with the software unless explicitly disclaimed in individual 
files: »

So, it does not acknowledge of any BSD code that isn't copyrighted by 
Miller, while not saying right away that Miller is the guy who holds the 
copyright to the core (not counting expr~), and it's confusing people by 
claiming GPL3 status in a way that would make people believe that the core 
part is GPL3 too.

> I think a library was dropped recently because the license was too 
> restrictive for GPL3.

Stating what the licensing goals are, is different from stating which 
license(s) are in used, in which parts of Pd-extended.

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