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Mon Sep 19 10:14:28 CEST 2011

&quot;There can be many throw~ objects associated with a single catch~, but=
 a throw~ can&#39;t talk to more than one catch~.<br>
Send~ just saves a signal which may then be receive~d any number of times; =
but a receive~ can only pick up one send~ at a time (but you can switch bet=
ween send~s if you want.)&quot;<br>
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Maybe I am doing wrong when I=B4m summing audiosignals together into a<br>
send~ object just by patching them together and should use the<br>
throw~object instead, but just curious on why and how?//<br>
Thankful for thoughts on this..<br>
All the best,<br>
Bj=F6rn Eriksson<br>
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