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Benoît Fortier benoitfortier at yahoo.ca
Fri Sep 30 03:35:51 CEST 2011

Hello all,

I'm using the sigmund~ object to get amplitude and pitch information for the loudest peaks of a signal (see the sinusoid-tracking help patch, which can be found in the sigmund~ help patch). Out of that information, I want to create, let's say, 5 midi notes corresponding to the 5 loudest peaks of the 
signal. How would you transform the peak amplitude outputs of sigmund, 
which are linear, into midi velocities in order to make those 5 notes 
sound with the same relative amplitude that they have in the analysed signal?

It might be a stupid question but what are those linear peak amplitude values exactly? Do they have any unit?

More generally, can you give me any good reference, preferably online, that explain in details the physic and mathematic behind sound amplitude? I manage to work many things out by myself but i have to admit that my actual understanding of it is a little bit superficial. By the way, I have a good background in physic and mathematic so don't hesitate to suggest me more advanced readings.

Thank you! I've learned a lot from you already just by reading the list.

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