[PD] Array Size limits

Lorenzo Sutton lsutton at libero.it
Fri Oct 21 17:51:05 CEST 2011

I think the OP wants to know what's the maximum size for an array in PD, 
so as to know how much audio he can fit in it unless I misunderstud his 

I made a little non-scientific test here growing a table on a linux 
machine with 2 GiB RAM (and quad processor @ 2.4 GHz but I think it's 
not so relevant for array size). The machine started to get a little 
less responsive at array size 4.2984e+08 that is about 2.5 (mono) hours 
at 48Khz sampling rate and about 2.7 hours at 44.1Khz (still mono). That 
would give you roughly 1 and a quarter worth of stereo audio to put in 
arrays. I think RAM quantity is the key here.

Of course you should keep in mind extra processing etc. not just the 
array size.

Do you know in advance how long the audio will be?

If you have multiple files (instead of a single big one) you might 
consider using 2 or more arrays and switching between each other while 
loading them.
Another approach might be to do the random cutting offline by splitting 
the big file(s) into small random chunks through a programme/script and 
then loading and playing those (could be another random layer there too)

Also I'm not aware if there are externals to stream audio from disk, and 
furthermore being able to start at a discrete point in the audio


On 21/10/2011 17:08, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
> If you're just playing random sections of the soundfile, you could use
> [readsf~] and give an onset
> -Jonathan
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>     I know this question has been asked a couple of times before but i
>     see that the posts are now quite old and, to be honest, i couldn't
>     make sense of the replies as my understanding of puredata is
>     somewhat limited. Basically i've been tasked with creating a patch
>     that will accept full quality audio files, playing sections of the
>     file back in a random order, to do this i understand that i will
>     have to load the file into an array but the number of samples seems
>     to be limited. Is there a way to lift this limit? I'm running
>     windows 7 if that is relevant in any way.
>     Thanks, Dan.
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