[PD] Array Size limits

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Oct 21 19:17:02 CEST 2011

Le 2011-10-21 à 13:17:00, Daniel Embleton a écrit :

> I know this question has been asked a couple of times before but i see 
> that the posts are now quite old and, to be honest, i couldn't make 
> sense of the replies as my understanding of puredata is somewhat 
> limited. Basically i've been tasked with creating a patch that will 
> accept full quality audio files, playing sections of the file back in a 
> random order, to do this i understand that i will have to load the file 
> into an array but the number of samples seems to be limited. Is there a 
> way to lift this limit? I'm running windows 7 if that is relevant in any 
> way.

You can set your own -maxsize while using the [soundfiler].

If you are in 32-bit mode, you'll have a max size limit of something 
between 2GB and 4GB, before pd claims out-of-memory (nowadays this can 
happen due to 32-bit mode, instead of because of RAM size).

Be careful about the precision of numbers in [tabread~] and [tabread4~]. 
Use the right-inlet (available since pd 42, I think).

[readsf~] is good if your files are too big, or if [soundfiler]'s 
startdup time is too long, or if you don't need the kind of 
instantaneousness that [tabread~] has.

But with [readsf~] the messages take funny arguments when you want to skip 
any part of the sound file, because there is no easy «seek» option in 
milliseconds... you need to close and reopen it with six arguments, one of 
which is a value that you have to compute using information that you don't 
really have.

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