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Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 04:32:43 CEST 2011

On 26/10/11 09:53, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
> It's worse than that-- they want to lock their customers into using their hardware
> only in the ways they intend.  Ever tried syncing an Ipad with a free software
> operating system?

indeed it is, but I was trying to focus on the open source issue as relates to code.

Their corporate strategy regarding creating and maintaining a monopoly on as 
many technologies as they can, and taking a percentage of every transaction 
within those monopoly platforms is very sensible and reasonable way to maximise 
profits if you have the resources and embrace free market principles.

Most economists and all free market advocates assume this is as a good thing, 
and the best way to run a society. Obviously I personally disagree very strongly 
with this assertion, and so do many others. But the current "western" model of 
society says this behaviour is not only legal, but is admirable - a best 
practice example of successful marketing and a very profitable business model.

It is all bullshit, but many many voters disagree with me on this.


> Free software devs spend an inordinate amount of time getting free software
> operating systems to work with hardware for which the manufacture gives very
> little documentation or support whatsoever-- not to mention hardware like Apple's
> which gets periodic firmware updates specifically to break compatibility with
> anything other than Itunes.  So it's not even really about refusing to give back to the
> community-- it's about making the device less useful by arbitrarily limiting what the
> user can do with it.  I can't think of a better polar opposite for pure data.
> -Jonathan
>> This is quite a common attitude, and I assume the reason a lot of companies
>> prefer BSD code.
>> But I believe that the reason Linux is as strong as it is is
>> exactly because of its license ... any corporation (or any individual) that
>> wishes to use Linux legally and distribute their version must do their part and
>> publish their improvements.
>> Simon
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