[PD] only allow to pass 1 each 10

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Oct 31 15:52:32 CET 2011

Le 2011-10-31 à 07:10:00, ronni montoya a écrit :

> HI I have an abstraction generating numbers permanently , i have the 
> output connected to a "Number", i would like to only let pass one value 
> each 10 times it changes. I was wondering if there is a easy way of 
> doing this in pd? Or should i build a mechanism with spigots and 
> metronome?

GridFlow has [shunt 10, mode 1] which outputs each incoming message to a 
different outlet, in a set of 10 outlets. You can use that to get only one 
message out of 10. For your specific case, you still need a [change]. This 
makes a solution in 2 objects (instead of 7 with plain pd).

See help file :

As a shortcut, all options in the inlet 0 section can be put inside the 
objectbox using the comma (as in my example).

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