[PD] pix_freenect 0.03 update

Matthias Kronlachner m.kronlachner at student.tugraz.at
Mon Nov 14 04:48:49 CET 2011


finally i found some time to update my pix_freenect external for 
interfacing with the kinect sensor.

you can find source code and binaries (osx, ubuntu 11.10) here:

major changes:

* output rgb and depth stream simultaneously, plus 4 channel audio 
samples as list on linux (audio from libfreenect is still experimental....)
* uses libfreenect v0.1 -> not backward compatible!!
* binary for osx -> thanks to hans-christian steiner for makefiles i 
found from fux_kinect...
* accelerator and tilt angle output
* different depth output modes (raw for distance measurement)

you have to toggle a led, tilt or accelerator output after starting 
rendering to start the streams - don't really know why but i will try to 
fix that.

i tested it with two kinects under ubuntu and osx and it worked fine.

for using audio you have to build libfreenect with audio (default it is 
off!) and put the audio.bin into pix_freenect folder.

have fun and please report bugs.


ps.: sorry for not continuing the plugin for pix_video framework but in 
case of the kinect it is quite difficult with the 2 streams you get plus 
the audio stream.

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