[PD] [expr] license issue (update)

i go bananas hard.off at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 17:55:01 CET 2011

just a quick update on the behind the scenes work i have been doing to see
if we can get [expr] under the BSD license.

Firstly, i have been in contact on several occasions with Apple, in regards
to their position on LGPL software in their apps.  They have really given
me the runaround, and even after many mails and calls to different
departments, my request of a yes/no answer on LGPL has always left me
simply being shoved off to another department, who won't give me a yes/no
either.  They are basically telling me that if i need to know this simple
fact, that i need to hire a lawyer.  Which is ludicrous.

So, that's the "discouraging" news.

The not so discouraging news, is that i have spoken with a few people
involved with the jMax software, upon which the expr code is based.  I have
of course, also been speaking with Shahrokh Yadegari, and the good news is
that i have yet to speak to anyone who is not in favour of helping with a
change to the BSD license.  In the best case, we might be able to get
permission for the applicable jMax code to be relicensed under the BSD.
This would mean that no code re-write would be necessary, and the change to
BSD would be quite smooth (hopefully!)

Anyway, it's a slow process, waiting for email replies, and then sending
off the next mail...but there appears to be some light coming from the end
of the tunnel.  We're just not exactly which source that light comes from
right now, but hopefully all will clear up eventually.

I doubt we'll be able to get this matter fully resolved by the end of this
year, but hopefully when the winter break is over we can see more clearly
what steps need to be taken.
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