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Pierre Massat pimassat at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 14:55:32 CET 2012

Dear List,

I wanted to let you know that i'm writing a blog called GuitarExtended.
It's aimed at documenting my own experience in using Pd for live effects
with my guitar, which involves the creation of a footcontroller based on
Arduino. I've been working on this for more than two years now, so I
thought, or should I say, my girlfriend made me write this blog to share it
with everyone (i use open source software and hardware, it does make sense).

My belief is that Pd is a wonderful oportunity for "regular" musicians who
know how to play "regular" instruments to enhance them. The goal of my blog
is to show that it is possible for a guitarist with some knowledge of
computers to create a very flexible live setup that mimics and outdo any
existing digital multi-effects.

Although I'm fascinated by the work of some people in the list who try to
create entirely new instruments using Pd for synthesis and/or effects, I
believe that "regular" instruments have been "developped" for centuries and
played and tested by musicians for just as long, and I think that DSP and
computers should extend them rather than re-invent them.

Anyways, here the url : http://guitarextended.wordpress.com/

You are most welcome to make comments and remarks and correct me if i wrote
something wrong.

Thank you all for your help over the past few year. You people have taught
me everything i know about Pd and DSP in general!


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