[PD] Tooltips in Pd-extended 0.43 WAS: no pd?? WTF ????

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On Jan 12, 2012, at 6:56 PM, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:

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>> And that's not the end of the vicious cycle.
>> Students who saved their money to buy a Max license are often unwilling to 
>> accept that their work could have been done as easy in Pd, and sometimes even 
>> better and/or easier.
> If you think of free 
> software as an ethical issue like I do and are talking about free programs that have a 
> proprietary alternative, there is still an important division between those programs that are 
> free and superior to their proprietary counterparts on practical grounds, and those that 
> don't have the same feature set as their proprietary counterparts (but are still quite good).
> In terms of ease of patching, Pd is clearly in the latter camp-- Max has infinite undo, a 
> "Tidy Up" that actually _does_ something useful, and a set of externals that allows to make 
> multiple connections at once and lots of other shortcuts (maybe these are part of the core now, 
> I'm not sure).  Plus tooltips, anchors to resize guis/boxes/messages, and probably lots of 
> other things that make patching easier.
> I use Pd and free software (almost) exclusively, but we should be clear about which features 
> are available and which are not.

Excellent point.

Speaking of, is your tooltips patch fully functional in Pd-extended 0.43?  I believe it is included, right?  It would be great to ship with that working.



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