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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Jan 13 19:35:28 CET 2012

Le 2012-01-13 à 16:10:00, João Pais a écrit :

> I already have an abstraction in pd to automatically set the offset to 
> play segments with tabread4~. But if I need e.g. to play indices 
> 100000000 to 100000111, which are read from an array, and then rescaled 
> in the meantime, how is it possible to keep precision using 
> symbol-tricks?

No. A hundred million is already beyond capacity of the float32 format (in 
terms of contiguïty), anything made with text formats will get converted 
to float32 before they get used.

> The 2nd inlet doesn't help me much, if the numbers going inside are 
> still wrong.

What can I say... just don't make them wrong ! :}

> Or, a concrete question: my table has 15312000 samples (5m19s at 48K). You 
> mean that if I want to play from index 15311000 to 15312019, (these 
> values are read from a file and stored in an array, and also quantized 
> in the way), the precision will be correct, just will be printed wrongly 
> in the atom boxes?

For [tabread~], yes, because they're below 16777216.

For [tabread4~], it will be exactly like plain [tabread4~], because 
starting at half of 16777216, you don't have fractional indices anymore, 
and the whole point of [tabread4~] is to use fractional indices. For 
normal playback, [tabread~] is ok, but if you want to speed up or slow 
down the playback, you may need a few extra bits of precision to prevent 
certain artifacts.

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