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Julian Brooks jbeezez at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 20:39:24 CET 2012

"One thing to keep in mind with Pd on modern computers is that 'pd-gui'
is a totally separate process from 'pd', so since basically all laptops,
desktops, and even tablets these days ship with 2 or more cores, that
means 'pd-gui' and 'pd' will be running on separate cores.  Therefore,
as long as 'pd-gui' doesn't use more than say 70% of one core, it
shouldn't affect 'pd' much at all."

Sorry for possible dumbness here but am I reading this right?:

I have a dual core laptop with a patch where I'm right at the top of my cpu.
The patch utilises a sensor, audio input and [sigmund~], lots of synthesis,
and a fairly complex quad panned output.  On top of this there's some pmpd
and GEM stuff.

I'm in the process of splitting the patch in half to try and gain some
computing headroom, again. I had a quick go a couple of months ago but
didn't get any noticeable boost - in fact the process of piping lots of
data between the two instances of Pd seemed to cause more problems than it

This is a long-winded way of asking whether there's any point in spreading
the load if Pd is already utilising both cores?

Bit confused now but best wishes,


On 8 February 2012 17:55, Marco Donnarumma <devel at thesaddj.com> wrote:

> You might also want to [set ( values to be displayed by your slider or
> number box.
> i.e.
> better this
> [your input]
> |
> [set (
> |
> [vslider]
> rather than
> [your input]
> |
> [vslider]
> When a slider receives a [set $1( message, it only displays the data,
> without executing any output.
> This is another good resources-saving method.
> Obviously we are talking about a situation in which you want to use a good
> amount of sliders and nboxes.
> Otherwise, as noted previously, one or two sliders do not really represent
> an issue.
> Hiding massive GUI works also in my experience.
> cheers,
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