[PD] wiimote report

ub at xdv.org ub at xdv.org
Thu Feb 9 12:34:07 CET 2012

hey there,

i'm having a weird problem with wiimote. connecting and buttons work 
fine, but when i try to
turn on some additional reporting, nothing happens. the device and 
bluetooth is ok, as i can
get everything with wmgui, which also uses libcwiid, so i guess the 
library is ok too.

i added some debugging to post the arguments passed to the function 
wiimote_report and for some
strange reason, while s->s_name comes out right, (int) onoff seems to be 
always 0!
because i know i need the acceleration, i can brute force it into beeing 
enabled right away, but that's
obviously not very elegant.
i tried to go the comfortable way by apt-getting pd-wiimote, but it 
exhibits the same problem.

can someone help me understand, what's going on here?

i should mention that i'm on a 64bit system (ubuntu 10.04), which i know 
makes C code be compiled
slightly different than intended at times.
pd version is pd-extended 42.5 and the wiimote-external 0.3.2.

thanks and ciao,

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