[PD] some of my fractal music with patch download and midiclockout questionm

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 21:15:28 CET 2012

 Here's a youtube video of some of my fractal music
to hear more click on my name and check out the  burningship vids. all were
done withpd and zynaddsubfx.

I uploaded my fractal music maker patch if u get the time to try it out, it
just outputs midi, the bpm control is global and works for syncing if u
want to chain from a recorder, i use the 2 outers as drums and u dont get
no sound till u hit start and select channels and toggle the rests - all 3
equals no rest(markov) if u turn on the room and go in(pd room) hit ctrl e
to drag c around or whatever edit mode is on your machine..
http://www.geocities.ws/billy_stiltner/music/pd/burningship.zip oh yeah the
most recent is fractalmusic.pd except i have one that works with udp and a
javascript fractal i'm still working on zooming and switching fractals.
julia is not julia yet but bshipx and bshipy are.


 oh yeah underneath start are 2 thingamjigs that send metro , the left is
for everything but the far right dmachine. the right is for
dmachine(unselsect the 2 yellow toggles above dmachine to turn it off all
the way) u can send the 4 channels out to your hardware synths. I wouldn't
mess with the dmachine at first till you get everything going, I don't like
it with this stuff anyways but it's there.

My midiclock out worked on windows with reason but I cant seem to get it to
work with qtractor on linux. seems like I tried with 04.3 and spp was fixed
which did not work with windows on 04.2-6.
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