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Someone could easily script that, especially now that Jonathan has been adding the metadata to so many help patches, and almost all the libraries are in libdir format, which means every object has its own help patch.  Then they could post that to a page on puredata.info, flossmanuals.net or on their own website.


On Feb 11, 2012, at 5:43 AM, Marco Donnarumma wrote:

> Would it be feasible to have a log of all pd-ext libraries and their objects,
> each time a new stable version is released?
> Such a list would probably be overwhelming, but at least a good place where to start.
> M 
> Having a static table of objects that informs the user what's included in the
> currently shifting target that is Pd-extended is the wrong approach.? My
> solution would be to delete the entire table, but maybe someone else has
> a better, less drastic idea.
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