[PD] Thoughts in conclusion of the 4th Pure Data Convention

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Sat Feb 11 21:25:16 CET 2012

El 11.02.2012, a las 19:01, Mathieu Bouchard escribió:
> Le 2012-02-08 à 04:50:00, Max a écrit :
>> FUNDING: Getting the necessary funding was certainly the issue I personally spent the most time on. We had an overall budget of around 17.000 EUR. [...] That budget is less than a third of what the convention in Montréal had available.
> It's easy to spend a lot less money when not funding the participants' travel. I mean that for a fair comparison, your non-travel budget of 2011 should be compared to the non-travel budget of 2007.
> The 2007 convention had a very large number of overseas participants and paid 350 EUR of plane ticket fees for _each_ participant who wasn't already funded by other means.
> Despite that, IIRC, the total cost was a lot less than the 1st Convention, but I don't have actual numbers to show for comparison.
>> EXPENSES:  We spent most of the budget supporting our participants. The biggest expense there was covering for the accomodation,
> In the 2nd convention, there was almost no budget for accomodation. Hôtel was paid for just one person, and everybody else got free accomodation sharing apartments with volunteers. This made the cost of accomodation something about 2 % of the total cost of the convention (but I don't have actual figures).
>> Frankly I've been a bit surprised that the average age wasn't a bit lower. This certainly has implications on how to accommodate the guests in the future (youth hostel, again?),
> I don't know how comfortable those hostels are, but access to actual homes for 0,- EUR is hard to beat.

Dear Mathieu,

we looked into the private accommodation option as well but decided against it because the convention took place during the summer break and parallel to the bauhaus-summer school. the summer school did pay for people subletting and thus had already scooped away the potential of private accommodation.

the deal we've got with the youth hostel was good - just that we were charged for those not checking in but reserving through our online registration made the accommodation expenses rise to 3606.- € 

We are also talking about a lot more participants - around 140 people. Also there were many performers/artist in the exhibition who all together received 3703,88 in contribution towards their travel expenses. Travel and Accommodation together is 7309.88 that's comparable to what was spent in Montreal for the participants, just that it was there divided amongst fewer individuals.

Where we did actually spent less on, was equipment tech and rent which was close to zero due to the fact that we've mostly used university space and equipment.
São Paulo afaik had to spend a substantial amount for a tax lawyer doing their finances due to bureaucracy hassle attached to the public funding.

I know that i wasn't the only one who missed you in weimar and i would like to see your interesting paper about the self generating help files to be discussed on the list.


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