[PD] Thoughts in conclusion of the 4th Pure Data Convention

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Feb 11 23:19:40 CET 2012

Le 2012-02-11 à 21:25:00, Max a écrit :

> we looked into the private accommodation option as well but decided 
> against it because the convention took place during the summer break and 
> parallel to the bauhaus-summer school. the summer school did pay for 
> people subletting and thus had already scooped away the potential of 
> private accommodation.

But I mean people that are not subletting. During the 2nd convention, 
volunteers were keeping their own apartment but shared the space with a 
visitor, using extra beds put in living room or unused bedroom or other. 
That's a different game not involving people who leave their own 

> the deal we've got with the youth hostel was good - just that we were 
> charged for those not checking in but reserving through our online 
> registration made the accommodation expenses rise to 3606.- €

You said that 2500 € were wasted ? How many people, times how much per 
person ?

> Where we did actually spent less on, was equipment tech and rent which 
> was close to zero due to the fact that we've mostly used university 
> space and equipment.

AFAIR, the equipment was not actually rented with money, but had to be 
accounted as if it had been. However, I don't have this info and don't 
trust me about it. I saw the accounting once or twice, but either I lost 
it somewhere in my home, or I never had a copy of my own. It would be 
better to have this info from Marc or Andrew or Darsha, people who were 
more involved with that side of the Pd Convention.

> i would like to see your interesting paper about the self generating 
> help files to be discussed on the list.

I already wrote about that topic on pd-list before writing my paper for 
Weimar... though the paper went in greater detail. It didn't seem to 
attract any significant amount of conversation on pd-list back then. Who 
would you want to see writing about it ?

BTW, have you tried that documentation system ?

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