[PD] roughness & Pitch-Comonality objects (was Re: number to fractions external?)

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Feb 13 00:08:04 CET 2012

Le 2012-02-12 à 04:11:00, Alexandre Torres Porres a écrit :

> anyway, I'd just like to say that I hope people will enjoy playing 
> around with these objects, specially the pitch-commonality (that you 
> called "psprofile").

All that naming actually comes from you. I may have made some suggestions 
and commentary about the naming back then, but I'm pretty sure that you 
chose the name of the library.

It's fine to rename the library if you wish... now is the perfect time.

> I didn't explore them creatively as much as other stuff in my research, 
> but I'll release those other things too anyway. funny how the thing I've 
> worked the most on is the hardest to release, as it ends up being 
> something very dirty and complex, with a user base of one (myself).

What's dirty in it, according to you ?

Sometimes, the problems with the design of something are only in one's own 
perceptions... I say that by personal experience with NOT coming up with 
implementations of my ideas, or not finishing them, or feeling like I 
should rewrite over and over, because I was being too picky. Yet at once, 
there are often good reasons for reworking... it's just that we've got to 
stop somewhere.

But I'd like a list of things you think should be better, and things that 
are making you uncomfortable using the code. Then we can talk about each 
of them to figure out what needs to be changed, etc.

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