[PD] error: vbap: no method for 'loudspeaker-matrices'

katja katjavetter at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 13:38:33 CET 2012

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 3:43 AM, Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at at.or.at> wrote:

> I can't reproduce that.  [vbap/define_loudspeakers] works fine for me in 0.43.1-2012-02-15.  If [vbap/vbap] is loaded and you are getting "no method for 'loudspeaker-matrices'", then I think you have ggee/vbap somewhere in your path.

Hans, you're right. The help patches don't use the namespace and
moreover they do not illustrate a complete setup with
[define_loudspeakers], [vbap] and parameter settings. But if you
combine elements of the two help patches in a new patch, and type
namespace vbap in the relevant objects, it seems to work. That is, it
gives output values, can't verify if they're correct at first glance.
This is in 0.43.

Someone doing a project with this library should make new help patches, really.


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