[PD] distorted sine on OSX 2.6.8 with firewire interface

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 18 18:21:23 CET 2012

>  some of my students reported problems with pd using external firewire
> interfaces on MacBooks with OSX 2.6.8. A sine wave from the "test
> audio and midi" panel is very distorted.
> We encountered this problem on a consumer ESI Interface and on the RME
> Fireface. We tried different pd versions (0.43 and 0.42 branches,
> vanilla and extended) using coreaudio and jack with the same
> result. The internal sound card and standard usb interfaces sound fine
> with pd.
> The problem seems strange as the firewire interfaces work without any
> problems with other audio applications like logic or live.
> I tried to google this problem but couldn't find anything. Is this a
> known issue and can someone comment on this or give any advice how to
> proceed?

I have problems running my RME Multiface on XP with pd 0.42, have to  
downgrade to 0.41 when I need it. But that might be an asio problem (or  


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