[PD] [PD-announce] old editing features of Pd-extended 0.43

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Feb 18 22:47:28 CET 2012

Le 2012-02-18 à 21:57:00, Roman Haefeli a écrit :

> An attitude of trying to make things look bad for no obvious reason.

What Hans has written at the beginning of the announcement is bad and this 
is why I « make it look bad ».

> I think that all recent efforts done in Pd and Pd-extended are great

The great efforts that Hans puts in the Pd-extended project should not 
give him the right to say whatever he wants.

I'm not even talking about that topic.

> If people feel pretermitted, I think it's up to them to speak up.

You mean that it's alright to give the impression that a lot more has 
changed in Pd than what really has changed ? Do you think that it helps 
making Pd be taken seriously ?

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