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labyrinthuscochlearis labyrinthuscochlearis at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 19 21:07:12 CET 2012

Thank you! I really have to get into GridFlow.
All the best, c

Am Samstag, den 18.02.2012, 11:28 -0500 schrieb Mathieu Bouchard:
> Le 2012-02-18 à 16:19:00, labyrinthuscochlearis a écrit :
> > what would be a good way to transform sigmund~'s peaks output so that I 
> > get a list with peak amplitudes but in the ascending order of the 
> > corresponding frequencies?
> GridFlow's [#grade] gives you a list of item numbers in the order that you 
> need to pick them so that they be sorted. This can be used for sorting a 
> table with multiple columns according to one column, whereas other sorting 
> tools in Pd might only support sorting individual values.
>    http://gridflow.ca/help/%23grade-help.html
> You will need the appropriate conversion from list to grid (a kind of 
> super-list type) and grid to list. Also, [#store] is a great shortcut for 
> reordering elements using the output of [#grade].
> This uses a plugin that you'd download from http://gridflow.ca/
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