[PD] MIDI input problems in PD

Villa Anna werf at annaville.net
Sat Feb 25 11:03:32 CET 2012

Dear list,

I have problems with Midi input in PD.
I use Windows 7 and make use of a Motu 828MKII soundcard.
I receive MIDI via a polytouchin object (make use of FSRs and a coridium
armmite to translate pressure on the FSRs to Midi messages).
All goes fine in the beginning, but sometimes after a while (f.e. 2 hours)
my Midi input starts to be random (FSRs trigger that are not supposed to be
triggering). If I restart PD everything is back to normal. Any idea what
the cause of this problem might be?
It's an installation project so it is difficult to restart everything from
time to time.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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