[PD] [PD-announce] pdlua and tclpd: now embedded in Pd-extended 0.43

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 27 12:54:23 CET 2012

I'm thinking about using lua to build an interpreter for my Click Tracker  
(http://code.google.com/p/clicktracker/), so it's great that this is  
working. Can you recomend any good lua tutorial? That would be a good  
resource to have in the documentation, I guess (same goes for a tcl  

> There are two new, easy ways to write objects for Pd: tclpd by Federico  
> Ferri and pdlua by Claude Heiland-Allen, Frank Barknecht and Martin  
> Peach.  Both are now included in Pd-extended 0.43 and are automatically  
> loaded at startup.  That means you can write a script in Lua or Tcl and  
> have that script be a true object in Pd.  Both pdlua and tclpd provide  
> the large majority of the Pd externals API, and you can even write GUI  
> objects using tclpd.
> Tcl and Lua both excel at handling strings, one thing that Pd is not the  
> best at, so if you have a project that needs to parse or manage a lot of  
> strings, then you have a new approach.
> There are some other ways of using other languages to write objects for  
> Pd: pyext for Python and pdj for Java.  These two are different in a key  
> way than pdlua and tclpd.  pyext and pdj allow you to load scripts into  
> an object called [pyext] or [pdj].   tclpd and pdlua let you create full  
> Pd objects that are completely transparent to the user.  You create an  
> object written in tclpd or pdlua just like any other Pd object, and  
> those objects can have their own help patch too.
> Both pdlua and tclpd come with a lot of examples, go to the Help Browser  
> and find them in the list of libraries there.  I also started writing  
> the 'tclfile' library to bring the Tcl file API to Pd:
> http://puredata.info/downloads/tclfile
> .hc
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