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Am 28.02.12 00:00, schrieb Jack:
> Le 27/02/2012 15:51, IOhannes m zmoelnig a écrit :
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>> On 2012-02-27 15:20, Jack wrote:
>>> I use Ubuntu 11.04, Pd 0.42.6 and Gem 0.93.git fad1264.
>> upgrade Gem to at least "0.93.git 1482ffb1538"
>> and do a complete rebuild of Gem.
>> fgmasd
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> OK, i upgraded Gem to ver: 0.93.git f1a1841 and now i can render the 
> scene without crash.
> But, i can't see anything working there : I get a blue sphere where it 
> is write 'gem' and a white rectangle in the top-left corner (even if i 
> select 'rgb 1' in [pd properties]).
> If i click on the message 'video_mode' in this subpatch, Pd crash. And 
> if i click on 'bang', nothing happens in the console (there is no 
> available modes).
> I miss something ?
> One comment : it is very strange to see two [gemhead] connected 
> directly in [pix_openni]. Is there a meaning ?
> Thanx for help.
> ++
> Jack

did you check if the examples included in OpenNI and Nite work? (eg. 
Sample-NiSimpleViewer, Sample-SceneAnalysis)
they should be somewhere in the Samples/Bin folder.
if they don't work, pix_openni won't work.

ok the crash with video_mode and depth_mode msg is fixed now. but it 
happend only if image or depth was not started. i was a little bit lazy 
testing everything without working kinect plugged in.
if you send a [bang( it now writes an error message to the console if no 
device is available.

so i think you have a problem with your openni/sensor kinect installation.
did you install sensor kinect? this is the driver which allows openni to 
access the kinect sensor. (https://github.com/avin2/SensorKinect)
you also need the unstable release of OpenNI (-> see install 
instructions from SensorKinect)

the two gemheads have a meaning - of course.
pix_openni outputs two separated pixes - one "rgb" image from the camera 
(left gemhead and outlet) and one depth image in various formats from 
the depthsensor (right gemhead and outlet).
actually it's more implementation side - it could be realized with one 
gemhead as well. but i did it this way and for me it's logical.
you can also make it with one gemhead and a [t a a] if it looks better 
for you:

[t a a]
|     |

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