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Matthias Kronlachner m.kronlachner at student.tugraz.at
Tue Feb 28 15:57:50 CET 2012

Am 28.02.12 15:47, schrieb Jack:
> Le 28/02/2012 06:25, Matthias Kronlachner a écrit :
>> Am 28.02.12 00:00, schrieb Jack:
>>> Le 27/02/2012 15:51, IOhannes m zmoelnig a écrit :
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>>>> On 2012-02-27 15:20, Jack wrote:
>>>>> I use Ubuntu 11.04, Pd 0.42.6 and Gem 0.93.git fad1264.
>>>> upgrade Gem to at least "0.93.git 1482ffb1538"
>>>> and do a complete rebuild of Gem.
>>>> fgmasd
>>>> IOhannes
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>>> OK, i upgraded Gem to ver: 0.93.git f1a1841 and now i can render the 
>>> scene without crash.
>>> But, i can't see anything working there : I get a blue sphere where 
>>> it is write 'gem' and a white rectangle in the top-left corner (even 
>>> if i select 'rgb 1' in [pd properties]).
>>> If i click on the message 'video_mode' in this subpatch, Pd crash. 
>>> And if i click on 'bang', nothing happens in the console (there is 
>>> no available modes).
>>> I miss something ?
>>> One comment : it is very strange to see two [gemhead] connected 
>>> directly in [pix_openni]. Is there a meaning ?
>>> Thanx for help.
>>> ++
>>> Jack
>> hi!
>> did you check if the examples included in OpenNI and Nite work? (eg. 
>> Sample-NiSimpleViewer, Sample-SceneAnalysis)
>> they should be somewhere in the Samples/Bin folder.
>> if they don't work, pix_openni won't work.
>> ok the crash with video_mode and depth_mode msg is fixed now. but it 
>> happend only if image or depth was not started. i was a little bit 
>> lazy testing everything without working kinect plugged in.
>> if you send a [bang( it now writes an error message to the console if 
>> no device is available.
>> so i think you have a problem with your openni/sensor kinect 
>> installation.
>> did you install sensor kinect? this is the driver which allows openni 
>> to access the kinect sensor. (https://github.com/avin2/SensorKinect)
>> you also need the unstable release of OpenNI (-> see install 
>> instructions from SensorKinect)
>> the two gemheads have a meaning - of course.
>> pix_openni outputs two separated pixes - one "rgb" image from the 
>> camera (left gemhead and outlet) and one depth image in various 
>> formats from the depthsensor (right gemhead and outlet).
>> actually it's more implementation side - it could be realized with 
>> one gemhead as well. but i did it this way and for me it's logical.
>> you can also make it with one gemhead and a [t a a] if it looks 
>> better for you:
>> [gemhead]
>> [t a a]
>> |     |
>> [pix_openni]
>> ....
>> matthias
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> Hello,
> OK, it is working now.
> In the pix_openni/README, i would prefer to follow these instructions 
> in 5 steps (in the middle of the page) :
> http://groups.google.com/group/openni-dev/browse_thread/thread/49a4dd13c045c1a2
> instead of :
> *    get and install OpenNI, NITE and the hacked Primesense Kinect driver
>     --> instruction: https://github.com/avin2/SensorKinect
> http://www.openni.org/Downloads/OpenNIModules.aspx
> And all should be OK.
> Matthias, the hand tracking should work fine ?
> Thanx for this external.
> ++
> Jack
ok, i will check that. thanks.
i think things change every month about installing openni/nite/sensorkinect.
but as you found out there are enough resources that help you with the 
installation out there.
thats why i prefer pix_freenect for projects that don't need skeleton 
tracking. it's a lot more easy to install and i think also cheaper in 
computation power.
the output format of these two objects is basically compatible. so you 
can always exchange them if you don't need external tracking stuff.
just a few initialization messages depending on which output mode you 
want to have can be different.

for hand tracking you have to make a waving gesture.
wave your hand several times after you activated it. after some time 
nite should recognize your hand and start tracking.
if you want more easy hand tracking there is the possibility to use 
pix_multiblob in combination with filtering the depth image.

if you want to track severall hands you can check the Nite.ini files 
located in these folders: /usr/etc/primesense/Hands_1_*
and uncomment the lines there (remove the ;   )

thanks for your reporting. that helps to make it more stable.


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