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Gaël Dubus dubus at kth.se
Wed Feb 29 14:00:54 CET 2012

On 2/29/12 12:58 PM, berenger recoules wrote:
> Hi
> in my experience, I managed to send data from Droidparty to my 
> computer but not the other way around, using the netro object by Chris.
> you can check the netro object that uses netsend and netreceives : 
> http://code.google.com/p/pd-netro/
> actually i also tried it on an iphone with rjdj and I can send data to 
> the iphone from my computer but not the other way around.
> when I worked with it i'm not sure the version of pd used for libpd at 
> this time was 0.43. As Chris mentions in the google code, [netro] 
> works with 0.43 and higher, it's maybe the time to give it another try.
> cheers
> Bérenger
> 2012/2/29 Orm Finnendahl <o.finnendahl at inm.mh-freiburg.de 
> <mailto:o.finnendahl at inm.mh-freiburg.de>>
>     Hi,
>      I'm checking out pddroidparty for communication between an android
>     device and a pd patch on another computer. It doesn't seem to be
>     possible to send to or receive any events using the netsend and
>     netreceive objects.
>     I can ping both devices. Establishing a connection and sending numbers
>     from the computer to a numberbox in the android patch gives no errors
>     in the pd window on the computer, but the numbers aren't displayed on
>     the device. The same happens sending data from the android to the
>     computer. I can telnet the port on the android when pddroidparty runs
>     the patch (and get a "connection refused" message if the patch has
>     been closed) so it seems that there is no firewall blocking the
>     communication.
>     Does anybody know about this issue or has anybody successfully
>     established netconnections between pddroidparty and another computer
>     and could give some advice?
>     --
>     Orm
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I am facing kind of the same problem with ScenePlayer on Android.

For some time ago, I wanted to make another phone application 
communicate with ScenePlayer. My idea was to inject the data into 
ScenePlayer via localhost using networking utilities of Pd. For this 
purpose, I recompiled ScenePlayer including externals from the mrpeach 
library, then I tried several configurations in order to test the 
different network protocols between the phone and my computer.

My conclusion is that there is only one way to have a working 
bidirectional data exchange: [tcpclient] on the phone and [tcpserver] on 
the computer. In all the other configurations (simple 
[netsend]/[netreceive] or [tcpsend]/[tcpreceive] for example) it was 
possible to send data from phone to computer but not from computer to 
phone. When I tried to invert the working configuration (putting a 
[tcpserver] on the phone), the following happened: the [tcpclient] on 
the computer seemed to be connected (outlet 2 was set to 1) but could 
not send (nor receive) any data to the phone.

Unfortunately, this does not enable me to have a direct connection 
between an external mobile application and ScenePlayer as I had hoped. I 
gave up momentarily with the idea of using network utilities, but I 
think that this is a question of interest for people working with Pd on 
Android: is there a reason for incoming TCP and UDP streams to be blocked?


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