[PD] pddroidparty netsend and netreceive

berenger recoules berenger.recoules at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 12:58:47 CET 2012


in my experience, I managed to send data from Droidparty to my computer but
not the other way around, using the netro object by Chris.

you can check the netro object that uses netsend and netreceives :

actually i also tried it on an iphone with rjdj and I can send data to the
iphone from my computer but not the other way around.

when I worked with it i'm not sure the version of pd used for libpd at this
time was 0.43. As Chris mentions in the google code, [netro] works with
0.43 and higher, it's maybe the time to give it another try.



2012/2/29 Orm Finnendahl <o.finnendahl at inm.mh-freiburg.de>

> Hi,
>  I'm checking out pddroidparty for communication between an android
> device and a pd patch on another computer. It doesn't seem to be
> possible to send to or receive any events using the netsend and
> netreceive objects.
> I can ping both devices. Establishing a connection and sending numbers
> from the computer to a numberbox in the android patch gives no errors
> in the pd window on the computer, but the numbers aren't displayed on
> the device. The same happens sending data from the android to the
> computer. I can telnet the port on the android when pddroidparty runs
> the patch (and get a "connection refused" message if the patch has
> been closed) so it seems that there is no firewall blocking the
> communication.
> Does anybody know about this issue or has anybody successfully
> established netconnections between pddroidparty and another computer
> and could give some advice?
> --
> Orm
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