[PD] vline~ precision, or sequentially segmented playback of a buffer

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 12 10:30:23 CET 2012

Hi William,

> The first thing I'm wondering is if you want each segment to have the
> same number of samples.  I see that the time to scrub through each
> segment is the same (181.818 ms), but then the length of segments in
> samples varies.  I guess the pitch shift that happens from this isn't
> a problem?

that's not a problem, later there will be some pitch correction happening  
(if I also get a good enough pitch shifter, but that's another subject)
The original audio is a "normal" sample, I just replaced it with a sine  
for the debugging.

> Also, it looks like not all of the boundaries in your log.txt line up.
>  Starting on segment 330, there are gaps now and then:
> 198694 207333 181.818;
> 210909 219994 181.818;
> That explains the phase discontinuities (at least some).  I know this
> is just your abstracted problem, but maybe similar unexpected gaps
> exist in your main patch?

:) I didn't want to write a big mail before, but don't worry about these.  
The fragments missing there are played by another player. But explaining  
much more would just look the problem I'l chasing now look more complex  
than it is.

The main problem is really just the [vline~] output that should be  
continuous, but isn't.

In fact, after writing this patch I recalled that I didn't save the output  
of the reading index into a buffer yet, to see how it looks. I'll be doing  
that later today.



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